Scripture editing made simple


Why another translation tool?

Scribe provides the world with a Bible translation editor that is owned by and developed for the community which uses modern technology to solve the practical problems faced on the field in the current Bible translation context.

Free and user-friendly editor for translating and developing Biblical content

Scribe is an open-source and freely available desktop and web-based application. It assists users with various tasks that are carried out in separate 'modes' within the application. Currently includes Text (USFM) Editor, Audio Recorder and OBS (Open Bible Stories) editor modes. Scribe is open-source and freely licensed and supported by the community members of Bible technology ecosystem. Contributions welcome!


Scribe is available both as a desktop application (Windows, Linux and MacOS) and as a website so that you can work from anywhere.


Scribe's User Interface is localized into Hindi, Nepali, French and Russian - Numerical support for Farsi. (Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish have not started the localization)

CCBT ready

Scribe has shown great success in being used on the field for translation projects using the Church Centric Bible Translation paradigm.

User Centric

The application is built from the ground up to get you started with little or no training while enabling both beginners and veterans to their best work!


We use the latest technology to maximize performance and provide you with an uninterrupted work flow.


Intuitive and powerful Bible text editor

In collaboration with multiple technologists we develop a simple (WYSIWYG) text editing experience forUSFM

Oral Bible Translation

A flexible audio recording mode that has been successfully used for completing multiple drafts of OBT projects on the field.

Draft Open Bible Stories

A simple and quick way to translate theOpen Bible Stories

Cloud Backup

Safely and quickly backup your text content on thecloud


Sync your text projects across multiple collaborators using thecloud

No Lock-in

The application is designed from the ground-up to work well with other applications by supporting theScripture Burrito

For and by the Community

Transparent development and licensing supported for and by the members of the open Bible technology community.

Web support

Get started with your project right out of the browser!


The application is designed to be extensible to support newer modes easily.


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